Specialty Brokers mediates "raw materials with value". Of course, this also applies to sultanas, which we procure primarily from Turkey but also from Iran. In doing so, we rely on a procedure that has meanwhile been certified by the Bayer Group and with which we can guarantee the highest possible raw material safety: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) or Low Pesticide and High Purity Controlled Product (LPHPL).

Most exporters are still buying cheap batches on the commodity futures exchange in Izmir, but these have the disadvantage that the individual deliveries by the farmers are not fully documented, and it is therefore not possible to trace which pesticides were used in the batch. Through the LPHPL procedure, we can guarantee that you receive goods with a maximum of 4 pesticides.

By working with Bayer CropScience in a Food Chain Partnership, the values could be improved even further. Bayer CropScience's Food Chain Partnership programme covers 240 projects in 30 countries and 40 crops and offers all partners - from farmers to retailers - integrated solutions based on seeds, effective crop protection products and services. It also includes training for farmers and technicians, including on product stewardship and innovations in good agricultural practices.

With this, the foundation work that Specialty Brokers has started together with its Turkish partner is further advanced with innovative strength. You as a customer benefit from food safety and reliability to a high degree. Let us advise you in detail! In our brochure you will find everything you need to know about the IPM and the LPHPL process (Download our IPM/LPHPL quality brochure here!)