Cheapest price or high-quality goods?

You can hardly tell from the sunflower seeds themselves. It is best to know the origin and the conditions on site. Specialty Brokers regularly travels to the countries of origin and knows the shippers personally - a good precondition for a trusting cooperation.

In the case of sunflower seeds in particular, it has been proven that there are always extremely low-price offers from traders who often trade in goods from hulling companies that do not even have an approval for food quality, let alone operate a quality management system. Those who accept dumping prices then have to face the consequences of dubious conditions!

Specialty Brokers works with shippers from Bulgaria who have a BRC Grade AA certification level. Most shippers can't even keep up with this. Besides the BRC standard, cleaning technologies play a very important role. Our partners have sensitive colour sorters and X-rays that find foreign bodies from 3mm, which is what makes a purity of 99.98 per cent possible in the first place. Many shippers do not have proof of their sorting procedures.

Our shipper currently has one of the most modern cleaning facilities in the world.