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High product safety throug regular inspection of sunflower seeds

Our shipper Sadina is inspected every year by the British Retail Consortium according to the BRC standard. This certification standard with on-site audits in the areas of hygiene, monitoring, documentation, process control, employee management, etc. is considered one of the most demanding worldwide and is therefore also recognised globally.

Since 2017, our Bulgarian shipper Sadina has been fully certified according to BRC Grade AA and most recently even Grade AA+ (2022). There is no other producer in the sunflower seed sector that can boast a comparably high standard.

Besides the BRC standard, the cleaning technologies play a very important role. Our partners have sensitive colour sorters and X-Rays that find foreign bodies from 3mm, which is what makes a purity of 99.98 percent possible in the first place. Many shippers do not have proof of their sorting procedures.

Our shipper currently has one of the state-of-the-art cleaning facilities in the world.

Here you can find a special edition of the magazine CHECKup Back.Business from March 2023.



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