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market-update No. 93-2020 Bulgarian sunflower kernels new crop 2.6

2020-11-25 | Current situation and forecast for Bulgarian sunflower kernels
Harvest: In the Bulgarian growing areas for sunflowers the warm and dry summer weather has lasted until the last 3 weeks of September 2020. September was the warmest and driest since the 1979 weather record, and the entire harvest was characterized by dry weather. According to the now available statistics from the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture, the yield per hectare has decreased by 12 percent to 2.03 mt/ha. The harvest fell by 4 percent to only 1.65 million Mt.

market-update No. 92-2020 New crop pumpkinseed kernels

2020-11-23 | Massive supply shortage for Chinese products
All vessels from Fareast are overbooked. All Steam Shipping Lines are asking for significant freight upcharges.
European and US customers of Chinese products are concerned. The freight for a 40 feet container went up to USD 5.000,00, and the freight-price-hausse is not coming to an end.

market-update No. 89-2020 Bulgarian sunflower seeds 2.8

2020-11-06 | Yesterday the Turkish government massively lowered its import duties for sunflowers!
Turkey is one of the largest importers of sunflower seeds from the Black Sea region! But the country is also a producer of sunflowers. They protect their domestic harvest with import duties as long as it is available and can satisfy the domestic demand.

market-update No. 86-2020 Chinese pumpkin seed kernels new crop 1.3

2020-10-13 | Chinese pumpkin seed kernel prices increasing further
Contrary to all expectations, the pumpkin seed kernel prices in China went up significantly. Since today we admit a partial shortage and increase for GWS. Nos, the whole market is affected. The majority of our Chinese shippers talking about a very active raw material trade in China. The local roasters and Middlemen (traders) purchasing every day. The weather is too wet. The kernels lying in the drying beds and moisture is too high. The Chinese YUAN or Renmimbi continues his rise against the USD.

market-update No. 85-2020 Chinese New crop pumpkinseed kernels-currency developement

2020-10-09 | Chinese pumpkin seeds from new harvest still rising
The commodity traders who work professionally with Chinese oilseed exporters on a daily base know that the Chinese Renminbi is not a freely traded currency whose rate is determined by the market. The Chinese government is trying to make the external value, especially towards the world reserve currency USD, as attractive as possible for Chinese exporters, i.e., to keep it low to benefit the domestic economy. Currently, this is no longer successful.