2021-11-01 | Turkish freights continuous the Rally!
The Steam Shipping Lines are updating their freight rates from Turkey to all destinations daily. Today you have to pay USD 3.100,00 per 40 feet Container or EURO 125,00 p.MT for a ”Door to Door”-delivery DAP you station. The sea freight is also climbing up to USD 75,00 per 20 feet Container CFR Hamburg/Rotterdam. All other ports pro/contra.

2021-10-29 | The Turkish Lira has recovered significantly after the massive crash in the last few days
After the mega interest rate cut last Thursday, 21.10.2021, the Turkish Lira fell to an all-time low of 9.8289 against the USD on 25.010.2021. Today, the Turkish Lira has recovered significantly to TRY 9.5826.

2021-10-26 | Eastern European sunflower seeds raw material prices seeing an all-time high in the season with no halt
Today Bulgarian farmers asked Leva 1.150,00 or EURO 575,00 or USD 670,00 p.MT (USD 30 p.CWT) for his sunflower seeds. Anything else like trucking, packaging, palette, and energy costs, and sea freights are going up and up.

2021-10-26 | New crop shipments of Chinese pumpkin seed kernel come to a halt
We see a rapid consumption increase in China for electricity – in fact, too significant with a negative impact on economic growth. Our Chinese pumpkin seed shippers have a very high energy consumption on the process of kernels. The local authorities instructed the industry to slow production. The development of the logistic problems is also still negative. The rising processing and logistic costs guide to a significant delay in shipments, and supply is short! The prices are going only in one direction. Up!
2021-10-25 | Turkish lira in free-fall after mega interest rate cut in Turkey
In September, the central bank had already shocked the markets when it surprisingly lowered the key interest rate from 19 to 18 percent. Now pessimists expected another 100 basis points. But again, the central bank surprised the foreign exchange market: it lowered the key interest rate by 200 basis points to 16 percent. The Turkish lira came under considerable pressure after the significant interest rate cut and fell to new all-time lows against the US dollar and the euro.