2021-12-21 | Our Turkish shipper withdraw all offers with immediate effect
Yesterday evening, President Erdogan held a speech and declared that the Turkish government would compensate all revenue losses for import companies and protect private savors from the devaluation of the Turkish Lira. During the speech, the Lira improved by 22 % from TRY 18,00 for 1 USD up to TRY 14,00. The Turkish Lira continued the rally during the night and quoted TRY 11,00 for 1 USD. This morning we are at TRY 12,08 for 1 USD.

2021-12-16 | Turkish central bank lowers interest rates by 100 basis points down to 14%
Turkish Central Bank on Dec. 16 has lowered the 1-week repo rate by 100 basis points to 14%, in accordance with the market expectations. The Turkish central bank blamed consumer price increases on "developments in exchange rates and supply-side factors such as the rise in global food and agricultural commodity prices, supply constraints, and demand developments."

2021-11-12 | Pumpkin Seed shipments delaying
The port of Dalian is partially locked down due to the covid wave that occurred there. The shipment rate is down. Fewer port workers and the low number of truck arrivals because of the infestation risk significantly slow down the shipment rate.

2021-12-13 | Oilseeds: World Markets on Trade 2021
The USDA published its latest oilseeds report on 09 December 2021. It summarised the market situation as follows:

2021-11-03 | Sunflower seed prices continue to rise significantly and do not indicate a recovery in 2022
The prices for sunflower seeds continue to rise very significantly. According to a recent analysis by the National Sunflower Association (NSA), this firm price trend will continue. The prices of vegetables (sunflower oils) had an 80% direct impact on sunflower seed kernel prices. The global volume of vegetable oils is at a 48-year low, and the NSA does not expect any easing in 2022. Sunflower oil has been one of the top 10 foods for years. In the meantime, sunflower seed kernels breached out and became one of them and have developed from a niche product to a staple food.