2022-02-01 | Sunflower prices go massively stronger, and an end of the bull market is not in sight
We have just received information from Bulgaria that the farmers there have raised their raw material prices to Leva 1,200.00 p.MT. This corresponds to EURO 610.00 p.MT and more. It is interesting that in the north of Bulgaria EURO 610.00 p.MT are demanded, while it is still slightly cheaper in the south at EURO 595.00 p.MT.

2021-01-18 | Bulgarian sunflower seeds firming up again
During the last 2–3 weeks, we saw a temporary price dip in the raw material and quotes around Leva 1.060–1.070,00 p.MT field run. Since today all farmers withdrew the offers and new quotes are at Leva 1.100,00 p.MT or higher.

2021-01-11 | Save the opportunity
In December 2021, Eastern European oil crushers slowed down the oil crushing output and cut the raw material orders from the framers. As a result, we see a temporary price dip in the raw material. Our shipper reviewed his position and realized that all sales are covered, and he has no long position—consequently, he can quote now on the lower material prices. Recently, we have sent you our revised offer accordingly.

2021-01-14 | Oilseeds: World Markets and Trade 2021 – report
The USDA published its latest oilseeds report on 12 January 2022. It summarised the market situation as follows:
Vegetable oil prices have almost doubled in the past 18 months. In this period, palm oil prices rose by 120%, rapeseed oil by 118%, soybean oil by 105%, and sunflower oil by 75%.

2021-12-22 | Our Turkish shipper offers to all of our frequent buyer's sultanas on last week levels
Since yesterday the quotes went up because of the relaunch of Turkish Lira. The Turkish Lira recovers since Erdogan’s Monday speech from TRY 16,4185 to TRY 12,3326 for 1 USD.