2022-03-16 | We see no offers for or uncommitted material
Would you be so kind as to review today if you want to book Chinese bakery kernels? The Chinese oil crusher purchases all material they can get. All Bulgarian exporters withdraw their offers. We are hearing from defaults and postponed shipments.
2022-03-15 | Prospects for the new harvest 2021 sunflower seeds are very negative.
In Ukraine, farmers are currently severely limited or unable to access fields for sowing. In Ukraine, the northeast & northwest and southwest are mainly cultivated with grains. Only in the southeast and near the Black Sea sunflowers are planted. Exactly there, i.e. around Mariupol & Odessa etc. is currently fought the hardest.

2022-03-04 | The Bulgarian Ministry of agricultural declared an export ban on agricultural products
Yesterday we heard rumors that the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture declared an export ban on agricultural products. Today, we see all export containers sitting in the port and Bulgarian customs not releasing them for loading on vessels. According to what we were able to investigate since yesterday, we expect the export ban only on grains and sunflowers seeds but not on the processed product, but you never know.

2022-03-07 | Sunflower seed prices rise unchecked amid lack of supply
Tanks are rolling where the early sowing of various crops should be taking place at the moment. In the south of Ukraine, agriculture lies abandoned, and the harvest will fail largely. If the fields in Ukraine are not planted, this will be a problem for the entire world, especially if one considers the market importance of Ukraine and Russia.

2022-02-28 | Ukraine war causes chaos on commodity markets
Russia has been the world's largest exporter of wheat since 2018, with Ukraine on its way to number three. In between is the USA. The price shot up to a new record high of 344 euros per ton in European trading on Thursday. Ukraine is the world's fourth-largest exporter of maize. Because the Ukrainian ports are closed, no grain can leave the country. According to Ukr-AgroConsult, 500,000 tons of wheat and 1.7 million tons of maize are currently stored in the country.