2023-03-22 | Sadina-BRC Grade AA+
We refer to our email dated 2 February 2023, informing you that our shipper Sadina has been successfully re-certified according to BRC Grade AA+. Specifically, only "5 minor issues" or less were found by the external and BRC-accredited auditor. For a better understanding, we have attached an extract from the current BRC standard, version 8 (see Appendix 1).

2023-02-16 | Pumpkin seed kernels going further up

We recognized a significant change in the pumpkin seeds market during the last weeks in China. The raw materials price is going up fast for both shine skin and GWS. The warehouses are empty. Some experts estimate 80.000 MT of shine skin and 10.000 MT of GWS raw material left. It is not sufficient to match the demand until the end of the season.

2023-02-06 | The raw material supply of Chinese pumpkin seed kernels is very short

Today, we are hearing the latest market report on raw material supply from China. According to it, we have no uncommitted GWS and SHINE SKIN crop 2022 raw materials on the free market.

2023-02-20 | Russian President Vladimir Putin will deliver his address to the country's

Russia's presidential office says President Vladimir Putin will deliver his State of the Nation Address to the federal assembly on February 21. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov announced on Friday. Russian presidents give annual speeches to outline domestic and diplomatic policies to assembly members and government officials..

2023-02-03 | BRC Grade AA+ certificate

We attached the current valid BRC Certification of Özgür Tarım Ürünleri İnş. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. He has been again, and in a row, Grade AA+ certified.