2022-06-14 | Travel report Bulgaria and Romania
1) Vegetation process of new harvest sunflowers: I traveled about 1,100 km through the sunflower growing areas in the south and north-east of Bulgaria and along the south-eastern Romanian coast at the Black Sea in the period from 7 June - 11 June 2022. The weather was very changeable. Temperatures varied greatly between 20°–30° Celsius. Precipitation alternated with sunshine. One can speak of ideal weather conditions for the sunflowers.

2022-05-05 | Prices and forecasts for the new harvest China pumpkins are being adjusted downwards
Pumpkin planting is completed mainly in China. However, the positive outlook for a larger harvest than in 2021 does not seem to be coming true. Chinese exporters are revising their quotations upwards for SHINE SKIN and, in particular, for GWS in the 2022 harvest.

2022-04-27 | Palm oil export freeze causes prices for cooking oil to rise further
Indonesia has imposed a stop on palm oil exports. President Joko Widodo justified the move to secure supplies for the country's population. Due to the export ban, consumers worldwide must prepare for higher prices because palm oil is the most widely used vegetable fat. This decision does not only affect the availability of palm oil alone.

2022-04-27 | Russia stops gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria
As of Wednesday, Russia wants to stop gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria. The background is the dispute over the payment method, in dollars, euros, or rubles. The U.S. government has already announced support.

2022-04-20 | Outlook for sunflower seeds, season 2022/23
Farmers have already completed planting in southern Bulgaria. In the north, about 30% of the fields are still uncultivated and should be finished in the next 2 weeks. The sowing has gone well, and we hear the same from Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, etc.!